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e-content Development

With the ever increase in demand for e-content from various stakeholders, the institute has felt the need for establishing a Media centre with all required facilities. Taking this into consideration, the institution has developed a Media centre. The centre is equipped with facilities like video editing, audio mixing and basic animation softwares. With this facility in place, the institution is in a position to develop e-content and promote e-learning through online platform. The Media centre is driven by a team of experts and skilled technicians who can handle the software and hardware with dexterity.

List of Equipments in Media Centre

S.No Equipment Name Quantity
1 Panasonic AG-CXBED Camcorder 3
2 Octova Softlights 2
3 Tripod Simplex Stand 1
4 Cam Link 4K Capture Card 2
5 Sony Memory Card 2
6 HP Wired Headset 1
7 Seagate Hard Disks 2TB 2
8 AHUJA Wireless Mic Set 1
9 Lenovo Think Stations 2
10 Adobe Premiere Pro Software 1
11 MAXHUB E Series 65" Interactive Panel 3

Name of the faculty : S.V.V D.JAGADEESH Course: Programming for problem solving using C
S.No Topic Link
1 programs on Printf and scanf
2 Programs on arithmetic, Relational and logical operators
3 Programs of Unary, Increment/Decrement, Conditional operator
4 Programs on Bitwise, Assignment and short hand assignment operators
5 Programs on comma and sizeof operators
6 Programs on implicit and explicit type conversion
7 Introduction to Unit-II ,relational expressions,simple if, if-else
8 If-else-if and switch statements
9 Iterative statements-While and for loop
10 Nested loops: while,do-while for
11 Branching statements:Break, Continue, Goto
12 Operations on arrays: part-1/3 Inserting element into an array
13 Operations on arrays:Part-2/3 Delete element from an array
14 Operations on arrays:Part-3/3 search an element in unsorted and sorted array
15 Unit-III Introduction to strings:Initialization and storage of strings
16 Functions for reading strings
17 Functions for writing strings
18 Scanset
19 String handling functions: Finding length and copy string with and without string handling functions
20 String handling functions: Concatenate and compare 2 strings with and without string handling functions
21 String handling functions: Reversing a string with and without string handling function
22 String handling functions: converting string to upper and lowercase with and without using string handling functions
23 2-D Strings:Declaring, Initialization, Memory representation, Reading and writing a 2-D String
24 Introduction to functions-Memory organization, Calling from another function, Declaration, Definition, Return statement and program on functions
25 Parameter passing techniques-Call by value, Call by reference
26 Categories of functions
27 Scope of variables
28 Storage classes- Auto, static, Extern and register
29 Passing 1-D, 2-D arrays as arguments to functions
30 Passing 1-D, 2-D strings as arguments to functions
31 Recursion-types: Direct recursion, Head and tail recursion
32 Recursion - Types: Binary and nested recursion
33 Recursion - Types: Indirect recursion
34 Pointer arithematic, Scale factor, Precedence of operators in pointer arithmetic
35 Types of pointers
36 Pointers and 1-D arrays
37 Pointers and 2-D Arrays
38 Pointers and strings, Array of pointers
39 Functions and pointers
40 Dynamic memory allocation, Dangling pointer
41 Command line arguments
42 Arrays and structures
43 Structures and functions
Name of the faculty : M.VENKATESH Course: Web Technologies
S.No Topic Link
1 HTML Introduction
Name of the faculty : Mr. Ch.Govinda Course: Control Systems
S.No Topic Link
1 Classification of Control Systems
Name of the faculty : Dr. Yashu Swami Course: VLSI Design
S.No Topic Link
1 Introduction to VLSI Design
Name of the faculty : Dr. V. V. Kamesh Course: Kinematic of Machinary
S.No Topic Link
1 Approximate straight line motion, WATT's, Grasshopper, Tchebicheff's and Roberts's Mechanisms
Name of the faculty : Dr. Pritam Kumar Das Course: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
S.No Topic Link
1 Refrigerant and its types
Name of the faculty : Mr. B. Veeranarayana Course: Power Electronics
S.No Topic Link
1 Classification and characteristics of Power semiconductor devices
Name of the faculty : Mr.G.Ajay Shankar Course: Micro Processors and Micro Controllers
S.No Topic Link
1 Semi Conductor Memories Interfacing (RAM,ROM)
Name of the faculty : Mrs. N. Selvamalar Course: Differential Equations And Linear Algebra
S.No Topic Link
1 Partial diffentiation and Eular's theorem
Name of the faculty : Dr. N R N V Gowripath Rao Course: Farm Machinery And Equipment - I
S.No Topic Link
1 Introduction to tillage equipments
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