Projects Sponsored by Management of Aditya Group of Institutions

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Research and development activities are considered as an essential component of Engineering Education because of their role in creating new knowledge and insight. The Management of Aditya Group of Engineering Colleges is happy to announce an In-house Funding Scheme for students projects worth Rs. 70,00,000/- (50,00,000/- for day scholars and exclusively 20,00,000/- for hostellers). The scheme is aimed to create research ambience in the group of engineering colleges by promoting research in engineering sciences and innovations in established and newer technologies.

The objective of this scheme is to create and update the general research capabilities of students of Aditya Group of Institutes. The proposal should include a specific project theme with a clear statement of the objectives, details of equipments and other research facilities proposed to be acquired and the expected deliverables from the project.

Projects Sponsored by Management of Aditya Engineering College(A)


S. No. Name of the Project Amount Faculty Coordinator Student Coordinator
1 Hybrid Vehicle ( Electric & IC Engine) (HYBRID VEHICLE CHALLANEGE : HVC - 2018)


Mr. SDV VS Bheemeswara Reddy Asst Prof., Mech / AEC Mr. Mohd. Jafar Sharif IV Mech Cell : 8121809262
Future is an era of Hybrid Technology. The vehicle is designed to propel with electric motor and IC engine. This is developed with an intension to reduce the pollution and increasing the fuel efficiency. The team of students participating in the design of the vehicle is going to attend Hybrid Vehicle Challenge ( HVC) which is going to be organized by ISIE- INDIA at National Level.


S. No. Name of the Project Amount Faculty Coordinator Student Coordinator
2 Hexacopter

Rs. 21,000/-

Mr. SBG Tilak Babu Asst Prof.,/ ECE/AEC Mr. P. C. Jawahar, IV ECE
The project is intended to develop a Hexacopter fitted with a video camera. The Hexacopter can be used for surveillance purpose. This gadget is designed to help the campus security monitoring. The Hexacopter can reach the areas where security personnel cannot physically reach. This device can be used to monitor and control the student discipline during College working hours.