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The institute has put into place a policy for the maintenance and utilization of academic, physical, and support facilities. This policy addresses maintenance of buildings, laboratory equipment, lifts, fire extinguishers, generators, UPS systems, air conditioners, water coolers, photocopy machines, computer systems, and surveillance systems. The institute employs full-time personnel to do routine maintenance of its various facilities, including buildings, transportation, electricity, housekeeping, gardens, and so on. The appropriate AMCs are in place so that unconventional equipment can be repaired.

A standard operating procedure is developed for maintenance and utilization of the physical facilities. Buildings, classrooms and wash rooms are cleaned on regular basis. Maintenance of facilities like lift, fire extinguishers, generator, UPS, air-conditioners, water coolers, photocopy machines, transport facilities and surveillance systems is done as per their scheduled maintenance time lines. Maintenance of lab equipment, computer systems is done during the semester gap. Stock verification in all laboratories is done at the end of every year.

Interim maintenance for all academic and physical facilities is performed as and when required. Facilities like seminar halls, activity rooms, conference halls and guest house are utilized by taking prior permission of the concerned in charge.

Classroom maintenance:

The class room maintenance such as cleaning, repairing of electrical appliances are done with proper reporting system and monitored by house-keeping department.

Laboratory Maintenance:

Laboratories are maintained with equipment specific safety guidelines. The repairing of equipment includes in-house and company-based services. Lab technicians of respective labs maintain the lab equipment. Each lab is equipped with fire extinguisher.

Library Maintenance:

The library maintenance is based on printed content and digital content. For printed content is catalogued with barcoding kept available for access. Binding and replacement of books will be done for damaged books. Re-subscription of digital content will be done upon expiry of validity.

Sports Maintenance:

Sports equipment is inspected frequently. In case of any damage, the equipment is replaced. All sports posts are frequently painted to avoid rusting. The grounds and courts are regularly cleaned and maintained.

Computers Maintenance:

Maintenance of computer hardware is done by either in house repair or replacement. Software related maintenance is done by frequent updating and annual resubscription.

Examination Unit maintenance:

This maintenance includes the archiving and disposal of student’s sessional booklets and academic student registers for an academic regulation. The photo copiers are upgraded yearly.


The garden maintenance aimed to provide good land scaping which includes watering the plants, weeding, pruning, grafting, frequent trimming of grass and plants.