Computer Science and Engineering Aditya Engineering college

Department of Computer Science & Engineering


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is established with the inception of college in the year 2001. It administers bachelor's programs in Computer Science and Engineering with an intake of 180 students, as well as master's programs in Computer Science and Engineering and Software Engineering with an intake of 36 students and 18 students.

We are very proud to say that around 30 students are studying in our dept from various countries like Nepal, nigeria,and from different parts of India.

For the better placements purpose, we have been MOU with various standard assessment organizations like Co Cubes, AMCAT, Elitmos..

We are very happy to say that most of our students have been trained and certified in various new technologies and trends which are necessary in the present industries from the second year onwards.

One of the key factor of our department is our faculty. They are much skilled, committed and sincere about their career. We are very proud to say that our dept has 2 PhDs and most of the remaining are pursuing PhDs. They are publishing their research articles in various reputed journals and conferences

The CSE department's many strengths include its high faculty-to-student ratio, state of the art facilities, renowned faculty, strong focus on undergraduate education balanced with leading-edge research, and emphasis on leadership, service, and ethics.

Our Faculty members motivate or support the students in getting placed in MNC, to establish start-up's and also encourage more in research articles.


PEO 1:

Successfully be employed in industry, government, or entrepreneurial endeavors and solve complex problems by the applications of Technologies to meet the needs of employers

PEO 2:

Demonstrate interpersonal skills, leadership ability and team building to achieve organization goals and serve society with professional ethics and integrity.