IT Infrastructure | Aditya Engineering College

IT Infrastructure

The institute's IT policy encompasses procurement and expansion of essential IT infrastructure, use of computer hardware, software, information resources, intranet and internet access, and strategies and responsibilities for preserving information availability, confidentiality, and integrity.

LAN connects all campus buildings. The campus has Wi-Fi. Central Office, Departments, Exam Center, Research Center, Placement Cell, and Library have internet. The institute upgrades Internet bandwidth as needed. The institute updates IT facilities annually as needed.

Every academic year the IT committee meets to discuss the procurement of various IT resources, annual budget, and review the utilization of IT facilities. The convenor sends a circular to all the Heads of the departments to raise their requisitions for augmentation of IT resources based on the curriculum. The IT committee will finalize all the requisitions raised and budget is estimated by inviting quotations from various vendors. Upon the approval of the purchase committee, the budget is sanctioned, equipment is procured and entry is done in the stock register.

All the computing facilities are being utilized as per the curriculum need. The lab programmers maintain record of utilization of the computing facilities. Maintenance issues are immediately reported to the system administrator for trouble shooting.