Aditya Engineering college

Merit Scholarship

Service to Man is Service to God’ is the credo with which Aditya Educational institutions work in providing ‘quality’ education to the would-be engineering students. Aditya stands on a high pedestal in the current educational system among engineering colleges as it fosters an all-round personality development of the students, very particularly giving prime importance to placements of the learners. Along with the curricular activities, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are given due significance and takes the lead role. The students are appreciated and awarded for their performance in various activities. In the area of academics, the students are identified for their outstanding excellence in studies and the deserving candidates are encouraged with merit scholarships of a very huge amount. Aditya recognises the academic potential of the students while joining the engineering course in Aditya and based on the ranks that the students have scored in EAMCET in entrance tests, wide variety of scholarships to deserving students are offered. The objective of these Schemes is to provide financial assistance to the poor to enable them to pursue professional and technical courses. The scholarship is awarded for studies, in a systematic manner. Circular and notice is sent to all classes for students to apply and the candidates are selected and notified in a transparent manner by the management, authorities and administration concerned. The merit scholarship in Aditya covers technical and professional courses at undergraduate and post graduate level, curricular activities, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities .

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