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Colours 2013 to be held from January 9th to 11th
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Megastar Chiranjeevi



  • 2009

    The all new tradition launches here at Aditya .We bought the colours of Rainbow to our college to spread the bliss in all our youth. Yes….We began Colours, the spice of youth and it’s the most delightful event giving a new definition to the word called JOY….

  • 2010

    Here comes the joy again….with all the memories of the first colours here we celebrate our magnificent fete again. The all new events at our COLOURS does not let anybody to remain silent. Everybody is moving in the fair in full of pleasure and doest know how these three days move that fast….

  • 2011

    On a beautiful day in the sky sun smiled with joy as it is the occasion of colors in Aditya Engineering colleges. The moon enjoyed the beauty of Youth just by a look at their enjoyment in the fest. Birds gave applause to the ultimate enjoyment. So, friends welcome to “Colors”, the spice of youth…..

  • 2012

    For the Mayans it’s may be a year of Apocalypse, but at Aditya its time to COLOURS again.The generosity here at Aditya makes everyone to feel like home and brings all together and offers them a sound platform to exhibit the endless reservoir of their unexpressed abilities and to showcase the complete menagerie of their unfathomed capabilities and unexplored dreams

  • 2013

    January… It’s not just about New Year. It’s not just about winter. It’s not just about pongal….it is COLOURS…The most awaited fest of Youth, with the all new spice and thrill. The best ever enjoyment for all of our students is about to began here. Undoubtedly, it’s Aditya again to conduct the most astonishing event of 2013……….C U There….

Colours! Colours! Colours! Aditya’s Colours
                - a Synonym for its youthful spirit.

  1. The spice of youth is Colours
  2. The host of talents is Colours
  3. The Vigor of emotions is Colours
  4. The quality of imagination is Colours

                'The Last four years of colours' exhibited its Engineering & Pharmacy grandeur in an intellectual carnival peopled with visionaries, academia , celebrities and industrialists . The January's cool winter has of course added immensely to the fun of thousands of youth turning out colorfully.

                'Colours 2013' promises to be better, more inclusive, more relevant, more exciting. Flamboyant youth all over the state will showcase their talent with gusto and enthusiasm and unfold their spirited soul. They will demonstrate exemplary sense of integration and harmony through cultural, sports and other activities on a common platform.

Come, add life to your years breaking the monotony of adding years to life.

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